PACE in Wisconsin

The Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement (PACE) grant program was an important component of the Working Lands Initiative and provided funding for part of the purchase price of agricultural conservation easements from willing landowners.  The PACE program is currently unfunded, but there remains widespread interest in permanent farmland protection in communities across Wisconsin and hope that the PACE program will funded in the future.  Gathering Waters Conservancy, American Farmland Trust and other partners will continue to advocate for a strong statewide PACE program in Wisconsin.

PACE Program

PACE is designed to provide state funding for the purchase of agricultural conservation easements.


Frequently asked questions about the program through which landowners can voluntarily sell conservation easements on working lands to a local land conservation non-profit (often referred to as a land trust) or local government.

Local Farmland Protection Programs in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Working Lands Initiative, passed into law in June, 2009, includes a set of programs created in part to encourage local farmland conservation programs. We're doing out best to track the progress and increasing number of local efforts.