Local Farmland Protection Programs in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Working Lands Initiative, passed into law in June, 2009, includes a set of programs created in part to encourage local farmland conservation programs. We're doing out best to track the progress and increasing number of local efforts.  If you know of local PDR initiatives not listed below, or if you have questions about local purchase of development rights programs, email Mike Carlson or call him at 608.251.9131 x13.

The Town of Dunn (Dane County)

Located just south of Madison, the Town of Dunn created one of Wisconsin's first PDR programs in 1996. As this map shows, the Town has worked with a wide set of partners and has used a variety of tools to protect the critical land in their community. See the Town of Dunn's website »

The Town of Bayfield (Bayfield County)

Town of Bayfield implemented a Purchase of Development Rights program from 2002-2004. This community of only 625 people chose to contribute $300,000 to a PDR program in order to ensure the protection of their Town's unique orchard community. The program was administered by the Town of Bayfield with day-to-day coordination by the local land trust, the Bayfield Regional Conservancy.

Town of Windsor (Dane County)

On January 23, 2007, the Town of Windsor approved a voluntary purchase of development rights program to protect farmland and environmentally sensitive land by compensating landowners for limiting future development on their land. The program will be funded with $500,000 in direct municipal obligations of the Town of Windsor and is being set up with the assistance of the Natural Heritage Land Trust.

Visit Gathering Waters Conservancy's land trust directory to find a land trust near you.