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  • Resolution: .0005" / .01mm / fractions 1/64"
  • Range: 0-2.5"
  • [QUALITY]: Finely polished stainless steel frame with knurled thumb roller and locking screw ensure smooth sliding and accurate positioning in use.
  • [MEASUREMENT]: One button quick-change between three measuring modes: inch, fractions, millimeter, so there is no need to convert separately.
  • [VERSATILE]: Measure inside, outside, depth and step with two sets of jaws and a probe.
  • LCD DISPLAY: High-quality vernier caliper with a stainless steel body and easy-to-read LCD display. Includes [2] batteries and helps obtain precise results quickly and easily
  • 4 MEASURING CAPABILITIES: These digital calipers can be used to measure inside and outside dimensions, depths, and steps via 2 sets of jaws and a depth rod
  • SET INCLUDES: [1] Xtra-Value Cal Digital Caliper, [2] CR2032 lithium batteries, a full 1-year warranty, [1] protective case, & instruction manual
  • Wide application range, widely used in various types of DIY measurement.
  • This product has mm/inch measurement system conversion function, easy to use.
  • Accurate measurement, fast display of the measured value on the screen and no overspeed error.
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Several Factors to Consider 2 meter digital caliper Before Making a Final Decision

While online purchases may appear to be simple, reaching the most significant potential conclusion will be tricky. So, whether it's day or night, we're here to help you with your product purchasing experience when picking the 2 meter digital caliper.

Numerous items are presently accessible on both the internet and offline markets. Assume that none of the alternatives in our category are acceptable to you. Don't be concerned! You can choose the ideal one for yourself by following our purchasing tips.


The jaws of digital calipers are opened and closed by a thumbwheel. You can open and close the jaws manually. You should ensure that the thumbwheel moves smoothly along the scale. You risk an inaccurate measurement if the thumbwheel stops, catches or moves in a choppy way.

Magnetic-free Calipers

You should look for calipers that are magnetic-free if you intend to use your caliper with electronics.


The span of the digital caliper is another thing to take into consideration. Calipers are available in different sizes that can be used to measure and fit a wide range of objects. It is important to take into consideration the size before purchasing.


A digital caliper that has a water-resistant screen is a must-have if you are planning to use your caliper outdoors or in wet weather. Some are resistant to dust and dirt, oils, insects and other things that could affect your reading.


When shopping for a digital calibrator, the most important thing to look at is its construction. The caliper is a precision tool and should be constructed of durable, rigid and precise materials. If you are trying to measure to the thousandth of an inch, your caliper should be rigid so that it does not introduce errors due to its flexibility. Choose a high-grade stainless steel caliper for best results. If you need additional measuring tools, read our reviews of laser measures and tape measurements.

Carbide-tipped Measuring Face

To get accurate results from a digital caliper, the object that you are measuring must be flat on its two measuring surfaces. Some high-end calipers have measuring faces with carbide tips to ensure the smoothness. You'll be able to get accurate measurements for many years.

LCD Display

It is important to select a digital caliper with an LCD display that's easy to read and has well-defined numbers.

Dual Measurement

Look for calipers that have both imperial measurements and metric measurements. The LCD screen will usually have a button that allows you to toggle between imperial and metric measurements.

Differential Measurement

A differential measurement feature is also important. You can do this by adjusting the digital display until you reach the point where you took the measurement and then measuring the difference.

Final Words

We are merely an organization committed to product details and the 2 meter digital caliper from some trustworthy brands, such as Mitutoyo, Anytime tools, Neiko, Fowler, Ebtools. Our staff does not manufacture or sell anything, and our objective is to solely propose the most satisfactory items on the market at the time.

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1. How Do You Use Digital Calipers?

For the outside diameter, adjust the thumbwheel so that the jaws are in firm contact with an object. The inside diameter is measured by placing the inside jaws on the same side of the object. To measure the depth of an object, place the base perpendicularly to the object.

2. My Caliper Has A “reading Hold” Button. What Is That For?

Some high-end calibrators allow you to take a 2nd measurement without having to re-zero the caliper. After you have taken your first measurement, simply press the button to take a second measurement. The caliper then calculates the difference.

3. What Are The Advantages Of Digital Calipers?

Digital calipers are capable of measuring an object's depth, inside diameter and outside diameter with a high degree of accuracy (to 0.0005 inches). Digital calipers are able to convert automatically between standard and metric measurements, offer an easy-to read digital display and provide a higher degree of accuracy than analog units.

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