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  • LOAD CAPACITY : BEETRO electric hydraulic jack has a maximum lifting weight of 5 tons (11000 lbs) and a lifting height range of 6 to 17.7 inches. 4 in 1 Design: It can be used as hydraulic jack, tire inflator pump or LED working light. Moreover, equipped with a electric wrench. Meet your different needs.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS : Suitable for most vehicles under 5 ton, Sedan, SUV, MPV, truck etc. Built-in LED light, bright enough for working at night. Equipped with a drop-proof and durable toolbox,easy to storage and carrying. The red triangle on the surface of toolbox can be used as a warning road sign when repairing on the highway. It is an essential good helper for garages, farms, highways,long-distance travel, or emergency roadside tire replacement.
  • EASY AND FAST LIFTING: Just press the button of the jack will raise or lower automatically, and it takes about 2 minutes to reach maximum height. Save your efforts and time. Perfect for car’s owner, especially best choice for women.
  • COMPLETE ACCESSORY KIT: Including electric car jack, tool case, 3.5m power cable, battery clamp, a pair of glove, user manual, etc. Very convenient and easy to use.
  • UNIVERSAL APPLIED: Powered by cigarette lighter or car battery, fully auto, save time and energy compare with manual car jack. Great choice to be stored in the trunk of a car for emergency situations.
  • MULTI-SCENE APPLICATION: Stable and secure structure, this portable car lift is an indispensable good helper for garages, farms, highways, and long-distance travel. It is very suitable for emergency roadside tire replacement. Say goodbye to tedious manual disassembly, any adult can easily change the thre by himself.
  • 3-in-1 DESIGN : BEETRO electric hydraulic jack has 3 functions, 5 ton hydraulic jack, tire inflator pump, and built-in flashlight, meet your needs of change tire or pump up the tire in emergency. Suitable for most vehicles under 5 ton, Sedan, SUV, MPV, Truck etc. It is an essential good helper for garages, farms, highways, long-distance travel, or emergency roadside tire replacement.
  • ATTENTION : Never use over 5 ton. Use the jack on flat and firm ground. Start your car engine before operation, to supply sufficient electricity. When the pressure rod cant be lowered, pull out the safety valve cap, use the small hexagonal wrench to loose, until the pressure rod fall to the prior position, then tightening it.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEE : When electric car lift jack reaches the height limitation, will automatically stop working.The self-locking structure of jack can prevent the car from falling suddenly and ensure the safety of the car and people. The internal circuit breaker of the jack can protect your car from overload.
  • √Usage electric impact wrench NOTES: One:2 sleeves are available for screws of 4 sizes, pay attention to the sizes when selecting the sleeve; Two: The left side of the power switch marked "II", means loosening the screw. Press "II" and keep holding until the screw has been loosened, remove the nuts.The right side mark "I", means tightening the screw.Same way, keep the "I" side pressed until the screw has been tightened
  • √MULTI-FUNCTION CARRYING CASE:The portable car jack,inflator,impact wrench and all necessary cables and accessories come in a carrying case that easily fits inside the trunk of your vehicle,The red triangle warning sign outside the electro-hydraulic jack box can be used as a warning road sign when repairing on the highway
  • √MATCH MOST VEHICLES:The electric car jack kit 's two-way power supply (battery clip with 12V DC power socket or car cigarette lighter) allows any adult to change and repair tires at any time on the garage/highway,best choice for your car, truck or SUV
  • ·【Rated Capacity】 4.5 Ton (9900 LBS) with lift range 8 inch to 20.2 inch.
  • ·【Built-in Safety Valve】 Equipped with self-locking structure, jack can keep current height even out of power by accident.
  • ·【Power Supply】 Powered by cigarette lighter or car battery. 11.5 ft cord will be long enough to reach all 4 tires of the car or SUV.
  • POWERED BY TWO WAYS: You'll be able to connect this electric hydraulic jack to the 12V outlet or the car battery. Once plugged in, the jack reaches the limit of 16.5 inches within two minutes. Once plugged in and positioned properly, the jack stays securely on the ground and ensures safety for your vehicle.
  • BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE: Please always let us know if we can be of any assistance. If you would like a full refund: please reply 'Full refund'. A full refund will always be available.
  • POWERFUL ELECTRIC JACK & WRENCH: This electric jack for car has a 5-ton capacity and a lift range from 5.9 to 17.7 inches, which means it's suitable for both small and large vehicles. The high-speed electric impact allows you to quickly remove your car’s lug nuts.
  • 【5T Cars Changing Tire】This Electric Hydraulic Jack suitable for vehicles under 5T (11,000 lbs) for tire changing. Equipped with powerful electric motor, it takes less then 2 minutes to lift the cars. The Lifting height range: 6.1-17.7 inch(155mm-450mm). Non-slip cross groove design. It Matches nearly all the vehicles that less than 5 ton like cars, SUV, sedan,pick up,truck. It is a good helper when you need change tire not only in roadside emergencies but also at home garage repairing.
  • 【2 in 1 Kit】This hydraulic jack is a two-in-one set with 1pc 5T electric hydraulic jack & 1pc electric impact wrench,including 1pc safety hammer/1pc 3.5m power cable/1pc battery clamp jumper cable/2 spare fuses/1 pair of gloves/2pc user manual/1pc tool case etc.The electric impact wrench is DC 12V ,Rated power 80w,Max Torque 480N/M,equipped with two sockets (17/19 mm & 21/23 mm), to matching more vehicles with different size of lug nuts in the market.
  • 【Quality Warranty & Safe Reminder】Our products has undergone multi-level testing and have the characteristics of long service life and stable operation with UL, RoHs Test. Provide warranty for one year after purchase. Please make sure your car stopped in a flat and firm ground before use it! Do not use it on a sloped ground! If you changing tire on the road, the case with red triangles warning sign is necessary to put on the road to keep safety.
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How can we check whether the Best 12v jack is worth purchasing?

When considering the Best 12v jack, one of the most important things to keep in mind is quality. You may think that the cost doesn't matter, but you're wrong.

There are several ways to determine whether a certain item is of good or bad value. You can check online reviews or contact people who have previously bought similar items.

An alternative is to look at customer feedback or other websites where people give feedback about their experiences with the product. The key thing here is that many people will share their opinions about their experiences with the company.

Load Capacity

Each car jack has a specific weight capacity. The packaging will make this clear (we also note the load capacity in product descriptions). You should ensure that the bottle-jack you buy has enough oomf for your car. The jack does not need to be rated at the full weight of the car. You only need to lift the vehicle's weight half when changing a tire.

Weight Rating

A car jack can lift a certain amount of weight. When buying a car-jack to repair your vehicle, choose one with the weight rating that matches the vehicle. Remember that you only need to lift the half of the vehicle's weight to change a wheel. The weight of your vehicle should be listed on the door panel, or in your owner's guide. The average sedan weighs about 3,000.0 lbs, while trucks weigh up to 8,000.0 lbs.

Locking Mechanism

The jack stands' ability to adjust and lock is one of the most important features. There are two different types of mechanisms.


The locking mechanism uses an angled bar in order to lock the height of the stand. These mechanisms allow for small height adjustments and are easy to use. In some cases, rolling pins and locking mechanisms (or locking mechanisms) may rust. You will need to replace the whole stand if this happens.

Locking pin

The second type of jack stands uses a locking pin made from high-tensile steel to secure the jack. This mechanism does not allow adjustments to be made as finely as the ratchet type, for example to compensate for uneven floors. It is simple to replace the pin if it corrodes or rusts. This is unlike the ratchet type, where you have to replace the entire jackstand if the mechanism breaks. Locking pin jack stands tend to be stronger and are used for heavy work.


Some ratchet jack stands come with a backup locking mechanism. The locking pin is used to provide additional security in case the ratchet mechanism fails.


You need to choose a jack that fits underneath your vehicle. For example, some sports cars and luxury automobiles have low clearances. They require a low profile jack in order to lift them. Consider the clearance of your vehicle and that of the jack when purchasing one.

Consider the maximum lift height of a car jack. Smaller jacks might not be able to lift your vehicle off the ground if you have a high SUV.


When choosing a car stand, the first thing you should consider is its material and construction. The majority of jack stands are constructed from cast iron or steel. Aluminum stands are popular for light-weight work because they're lighter and do not rust. However, cast iron or steel is better for heavy-duty work.

Use Case

The type of car jack that you choose should be determined by how you intend to use it. You'll need a floor-jack if you plan to lift your car to get underneath the body and do some tinkering. They are the most stable, and have the greatest lifting power.

If you need a car jack for spare tires, a scissor jack or bottle jack will serve you better (keep in mind vehicle clearance if you buy a bottle - it may not fit under your car unless it is based on cab clearance). A bottle jack or scissor car jack is better suited for a spare tire jack.

Jack Type

Scissor jacks and floor jacks as well as bottle jacks are the most common car jacks.

1. The scissor jacks look like accordion-like contraptions that are included with most spare tire kits. These jacks raise your car using a screw mechanism. These jacks are slow and difficult to use.
2. The floor jacks can be large and heavy but are stable and easy to operate (even if they're a little more difficult to move). This is the most common type for a workshop or garage.

Bottle jacks come in a small, bottle-shaped design. They are usually operated by a lever, and they're easy to use. However, they can't raise as high as floor jacks. Bottle jacks are a great option for a portable car jack, but they're not the best choice for cars with low clearance.

Lift Range And Profile

Take into account the distance between the ground and the undercarriage of your vehicle.

You'll need to use a portable car lift that can raise your vehicle high enough so you can start working, whether you ride low or high.

Most jacks will lift your car a little more than a foot from the ground. This is enough space to change a flat tire but not to allow you to slide under the vehicle.


Before you begin any maintenance, you need to make sure that your vehicle is properly supported.

If you're doing roadside maintenance on unpaved surfaces, choose floor jacks and scissorlifts that have extra-wide bases. The jacks that you will use in your garage do not have to be portable. They can work best with jack stands and ramps.

Final Words

It's always a good idea to check out reviews of products before you buy Best 12v jack. Especially if you plan to buy something from an unknown source, it's best to check out reviews first.

If you're looking for reviews from other customers, check out the customer feedback section of the product page. You can also ask customers who have already purchased the product for their opinion.


1. What Is The Safest Jack For A Car?

Never go under a vehicle that is solely supported by a jack. Even the most secure car jack can't hold a vehicle on its own. All of the car lifts that we recommend are great car jacks.

2. Are Car Jacks Reliable?

The car jack is a reliable tool for lifting your car, changing the tires or working under the chassis. No car jack, however, is so reliable that you can trust it with your own life. When working under a vehicle, use jack stands to support it and not just the lift arm of your jack.

3. Can A 2.0-ton Floor Jack Lift An SUV?

A floor jack of 2.0 tons can lift vehicles weighing up to 2,400.0 pounds. It will lift some SUVs but a typical mid-size SUV weighs up to 5,000 pounds. When using a jack to lift your vehicle, you are likely lifting only one side and not the whole weight.

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