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  • Ratchet and socket set with slim profile ratchet
  • Sockets with stamped sizes
  • Organizer has an Impact Resisitant Body and a clear top for easy identification of contents
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: SlimGrip handle and optimized trigger provide better balance, control, and comfort on the jobsite
  • SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT: Single-handed jaw opening and operation for reach and ease of use on residential jobs and beyond
  • TOOL KIT CONTENTS: Includes 12V Li/Ion battery, 12V charger, 1/2" and 3/4" ProPress mini press jaws, and rugged carrying case for easy transportation
  • 258 PCS HOME HOUSEHOLD TOOL KIT:The rolling tool set includes wrenches, screwdrivers, universal joints, rulers, hammers, etc. This practical toolkit set meets daily needs, is suitable for professional and amateur and makes working hours easier and more efficient
  • CASE DIMENSION: 14.2'' x 8.7'' x 20.5'' (LxWxH),telescopic handle length: 20.5'' -33.5''.Suitable for all heights
  • MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PRECISION TOOLS:Made of durable and high-quality premium forged steel, the mechanic tool set providing accurate and perfect repair. Surface chromium plating treatment, anti-corrosion, easy to clean oil stains.Perfect choices for men, good gifts for your father and husband
  • EASY TO CARRY&STORAGE:Housed in a handy blow-molded case for easy tool storage and portability. Its sturdy interior and organizer keeps tools in place
  • HIGH QUALITY&STANDARDS:Forged from high-quality steel and finished in high-polish chrome,strength, durability, anti-corrosion protection.All the tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards
  • DESIGN OF GREAT ORGINALITY:Black case makes it dirt-resistant.Diamond shape design makes it unique and fashion .Case size:17.5"*13.5"*3.94".Net Weight 12.78 lb
  • A magnetic handle for easy nut or bit installation
  • 6 extension bars to extend your reach
  • An array of 16 combination wrenches let you slip in where the ratchet won't go
  • Bi-material handles with ergonomic non-slip design for more comfortable and a better grip on the work piece. Drop-forged steel with heat treated for durability and lasting strength. Polished surface for excellent work performance and anti-corrosion.
  • Versatile, it is a perfect tool kits for home, automotive maintenance, mechanic tasks and DIY improvement projects.
  • The mechanics tool set includes 50pcs metric and SAE drive sockets with corresponding 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch reversible drive ratchets, 2pcs extension rod, 2pcs adaptor, 2pcs spark plug sockets , 20pcs drive nuts, 12pcs combination wrenches and so on. It is a complete set of home tools to solve you a lot of trouble in your daily maintenance. Whether it is furniture assembly or automotive repair tasks, it will be your good partner.
  • New 12V Lithium-Ion Battery offers over 140 crimps per charge
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: connect to your tool through your phone and manage important information like cycle count and battery life
  • Smaller tool: 16% shorter and 10% lighter than the previous RIDGID compact tools
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Plastic Cases

The majority of home tool sets are packaged in heavy-duty plastic cases. The plastic used in the cases is strong enough to protect your tools even if the case is banged around.

The interiors of plastic cases are molded to hold tools securely in place. Molded plastic also gives you a specific place to store every tool so that you know if you are missing one.

Plastic cases can crack after a long time, especially along the hinges and latches.


The majority of home tool sets come with an adjustable wrench. Many sets also include Allen wrenches and crescent wrenches in different sizes. Some sets include socket wrenches. Most of these wrench-heavy sets are designed for specific jobs, such as engine work.

Number Of Pieces

The number of pieces in most tool sets is clearly stated upfront. However, more doesn't necessarily equal better. If you don't plan to use these tools, it makes no sense to invest in a tool kit with a lot of them. You should decide in advance how you will use your set of tools, then choose the right kit and number of pieces.


In your tool kit, you should always have slip joint pliers. Some sets include specialty pliers, such as long nose pliers.

Metal Cases

Metal rectangular cases were the most common form of packaging for home tool sets. Metal cases can hold many different tools and are durable.

Metal cases are less popular today, because they do not keep the tools organized. Metal cases can make it difficult to locate the exact tool you need in the stack of tools at their bottom.

Metal cases can be padlocked.


A hammer is a must-have in every home tool set. The hammer in the set is usually smaller and weighs between 8-12 ounces. However, a small hammer will do most jobs.


Some sets of home tools include screwdrivers in different sizes and with different screwheads. Some screwdriver handles accept multiple bits to save space. Some home tool sets include an electric screwdriver.

Soft-sided Cases

Soft-sided cases are available for some smaller tool sets. The pockets and Velcro latches in these cases keep the tools firmly in place.

Soft-sided cases aren't as large as metal or plastic cases and don't sell as many large home tool sets.

Carrying Case

Some, but not all tool kits, come with carrying bags. These cases have a variety of features. Some cases are hard while others are softer. Hard cases usually have designated drawers or spaces for tools that help organize. Soft cases are easier to carry around. Before choosing between a soft or hard case, consider how you will use your toolkit.

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1. Can I Assemble My Own Home Tool Set Instead Of Buying A Pre-made One?

Yes, but many people find that a home tool set preassembled is easier to use. Each tool in a home tool set pre-assembled with a plastic case has its own storage area. It is easier to locate a specific tool. You can tell if you are missing an item that your neighbor has borrowed but not returned.

2. Why Do The Tools In Home Tool Sets Come In Such Bright Colors?

The tools in a set of home tools are all usually the same color. They are not the blacks or grays that are used for individual instruments. Home tool sets often have tools that are orange, pink or red. The tools in the home tool set are often orange, pink, red or another bright color.

3. Are Home Tool Sets Aimed More At Home Repair Novices?

Even though most kits only contain basic tools, they can be very useful. You can finish projects faster if you have a home tool kit with all the tools in one place.

4. Do Home Tool Sets Include Power Tools?

Home tool sets are not usually equipped with power tools. Home tool sets are made up of hand tools, which is what most people use. Most people use a hammer, even if they don't need a power tool. Home tool sets can be carried in a case, but most power tools are much too big.

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