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We then combine field testing with in-house lab testing that provides measured data we can use to inform comparison and performance ratings. Our testers are experts in their areas. Each of them has an eye for detail and an obsession to find out and recommend a list of the Top Best hot air gun with popular brands below: Beyondlife, Lemote, Jiading, Vendy, Suywt, Weldy, Steinel, Huepar tools, Kacsoo. All the models shown here have good reviews, do their job, and are worth their price.

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  • 2.With electronic heating protection system, temperature adjustable, range: 40-650 degree.
  • 4.Strong power 1600w, suitable for heavy duty and professional work.
  • 5.Stainless steel gun barrel reduce the heat lossing and keep working safely.
  • 5. Hot air tool for welding Plastic Tanks, Plastic Pipe and Plastic Sheets
  • 1. It is handy,cost effective,reliable for weding all different types fo thermaplastic material, for rooifng,flooring ,tarps,plastic fabrication,etc.Especially good for long time continous working site
  • 4. Hot air gun for shrinking plastic caps
  • Main applications: Plastic fabrication ,Flooring,Car repair ,Joining pipes ,Welding PVC-floors
  • WELDY energy HT1600 is a compact and robust hot air hand tool for an endless range of professional applications. This hot-air-tool convinces with its up-to-date design, its solid overall performance and with an unbeatable cost-performance ratio.
  • All Weldy products are manufactured according to Swiss technology and engineering and its proximity to the key markets is a perfect match for Weldy to meet the customers' requirements
  • The heat tool comes in a sleek and balanced design, with an ergonomically shaped pistol grip and optimized weight balance for fatigue free working, as well as an handsfree non-slip standing support
  • The HG 2320 E professional heat blower with powerful 1,600 W and extremely durable brushless motor is ideal for construction site use
  • For extra safety the hot air gun is equipped with magnesium guard sleeve, a thermal cut-out, restart protection and a residual heat indicator which warns the user if the nozzle is still hot to prevent burns
  • Scientific Ergonomic design & Application: The lightweight heat gun has a scientific ergonomic design(Silicone non-slip handle), which can effectively reduce fatigue after long-term use. This product is suitable for defrosting water pipes, softening plastic pipes, drying paint, shrinking PVC, loosening rusted bolts, etc. Different temperatures and air volumes with 5 kinds of nozzles and accessories can meet different working conditions.
  • Temperature & Air Flow Adjustable:The temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily between 122°F-1112°F (50°C-600°C), and it will increase or decrease by 10 each time it is pressed.(It can adjust the temperature quickly with long press.) There are six stage air settings can be selected by pressing down the air setting button. Different temperatures and air volumes help you easily accomplish home installation tasks.
  • Large LCD Display & Temperature Unit Switching: The HG01 heat gun comes with a large LCD screen, you can control the temperature and air volume by pressing the buttons, so that the temperature and air volume are clearly displayed on the LCD digital screen. This is a heat gun that can switch between °F or °C temperature units: Press and hold the minus button and insert the plug into the outlet to see the temperature units, and then short press the plus button to switch temperature units.
  • ADJUSTABLE POWER: Temperature and power are both adjustable for different melting points, giving you the versatility to work with a wide variety of plastic materials.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: Comes complete with a spare heating element, 1x 20mm flat slit nozzle , 1x 5.2mm round nozzle, 1x 8mm triangle speed welding nozzle, 1x 7mm wide round speed welding nozzle, 1x pressure silicon roller, 1x English manual and some PE& PVC plastic rods.
  • HOT AIR WELDING GUN: The sturdy, professional hot-air tool, it's pretty lightweight and compact. It will produce a jet of hot air that softens the parts to be joined, as well as the plastic filler rod.
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Often, these are included with the heat guns. These can be anything from shields with fan-shaped shapes for stripping paint, to shields with curved designs for shrinking tubing. Other accessories, such as scrapers, may be included. Each nozzle can add value to a heat gun, even if they are very similar.

Heat Output

It is important to note this. Many small devices only have to operate within a limited temperature range and may not even reach the fixed temperature of several hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Heat guns with a broad range of temperatures are available, from 150degF up to 1,000degF. Some heat guns are more specific and powerful but have a smaller range of operation. Not all flexibility is equal. It's not always about having the most flexibility.

Heat Control

It is also important if you require a certain temperature. Many basic heat guns have high and low settings, while others offer a variety of presets on an easy-to use dial. Some models have digital readouts and push-button controls.

Overload Protection

Some models have this feature to prevent overheating, which could damage the internal components or wear out the element. Safety cut-outs can prolong the life of your tool.

Power Cable

The cord can be up to ten feet long, but the majority are shorter. You should only use extension cords if you absolutely have to. The cordless heat gun solves this problem. However, there are only a limited number of them available and they're very expensive.

Safety Features

When using a heatgun, safety features are essential. This is especially true in industrial and DIY settings. Choose a heatgun with safety features, such as an integrated stand to provide stability, an automatic shutoff in the event of overheating and a cooling function to avoid accidental burns.

Air Speed

It's also important to consider. You don't want to heat up the wrong areas or damage your work. Most heat guns have two settings.


This item is very useful as it prevents the heat gun from damaging your work surface. Some heat guns are designed with the nozzle pointing vertically, so that you can work with both hands (when sleeving cable, for instance).


We presume this information is accurate as we are business advising specialists with a wide range of knowledge. Moreover, we have shown the Best hot air gun with current famous brands, including Beyondlife, Lemote, Jiading, Vendy, Suywt, Weldy, Steinel, Huepar tools, Kacsoo.

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1. Is It Safe To Use A Heat Gun For Stripping Lead-based Paint?

No. You will release toxic substances into the air. Dry sanding is also not recommended because it creates poisonous dust. Gel-based paint strippers or liquid paint removers are recommended by experts. Consult local authorities to ensure that the waste is properly disposed of.

2. Can I Use A Heat Gun To Light The Charcoal In My Barbecue?

Some people say that you can and it is cheaper and faster to use than the electric type which you leave on coals. You can get your charcoal grill going in just minutes with a heat gun. You should heat up a small area by moving the gun rather than focusing it on a single spot. If you blow hot sparks, back off. Don't forget the normal heat gun safety measures, and never leave it to cool in a place where animals or children could reach it.

3. How Do I Take Care Of My Heat Gun?

These tools are very low maintenance. It's mostly a question about keeping the nozzle and heating element clean. This is just a general matter of cleanliness. You should carefully follow the instructions provided by most manufacturers to get the best out of your tool.

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