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  • PROTECTION: With Electronic Motor Protection and Electronic Cell Protection, both the battery and the motor are protected against overload and overheating.
  • Best-in-class Weight - Up to 30-percent lighter weight than leading competitor
  • CONVENIENT: The jig saw’s t-shank blade change system allows for tool-less blade changes, eliminating the need for users to touch the hot blade. The adjustable footplate allows for bevel cuts up to 45 degrees.
  • POWER: The JS572EK features a powerful motor with a 7.2 amp highest in class rating to easily handle heavy loads
  • VARIABLE SPEED: The jig saw includes a variable speed dial to set max speed and an accelerator trigger to control operating
  • PERFORMANCE: With Bosch’s Constant Response circuitry, the jig saw maintains consistent speed and performance under load
  • EASILY CUTS IN ANY DIRECTION - horizontally, vertically, straight lines, curved lines, corners, & even upside down. 7 DIFFERENT SAWS IN ONE. Rotorazer is combination of Jigsaw, Circular, Hand, Band, Tile, Hacksaw, and Miter saw.
  • AUTHENTIC AS SEEN ON TV. TRUSTED BRAND Makes a great gift for Dad!
  • CUT ANY TYPE OF MATERIAL from PVC, drywall, carpet and hardwood to ceramic tile, plastic, marble, metal & steel. Circular Saw Kit comes with multiple multi saw blades (Tungsten Carbide, Diamond, Steel), Dust Collector, Saw Case. 85MM blades (vs 54.8MM original rotorazer blades).
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What should you consider when choosing to buy Best jigsaw puzzle brands in 2023?

Every company and business when selling products always wants to get their products to as many customers as possible. However, not every product launched has received favor and acceptance from customers. The decision to buy it depends on many factors. 

So what are the basic factors that have the greatest influence on customers' buying decisions? Let's discuss the most important factor to make consumers buy the Best jigsaw puzzle brands

Corded And Cordless Jigsaws

Due to the complexity of technology and the high cost of batteries, jigsaws will always be corded. Corded jigsaws areer than cordless ones, even at the top end of the market.

Some retailers make the cordless price look similar by offering "bare tools" but you should also consider that batteries will be added to your bill.

Portability is a big plus, especially if you work a lot on the site where there is no power. The battery is on the back of the cordless jigsaw, which can be a bit unbalanced for some people. It can be frustrating to wait for the jigsaw's battery to charge.

Cords on corded tools can sometimes get in the way. A corded power tools is a solution we are all familiar with.

The Jigsaw Motor

Jigsaw power will be measured in amps. For most DIY projects, a motor of three or four amps is adequate. Professional models can run up to seven amps. On a jigsaw, you will see the strokes per minutes, or SPM. Any speed over 2,500 SPM will suffice for most cutting tasks. You don't need to use full power all the time.

You can increase the speed of a basic jigsaw by pressing harder on the trigger. Some jigsaws offer preset speeds (often by using a dial near the trigger), and a progressive speed within those ranges. These options require a bit of practice but can result in cleaner and faster cuts.

Jigsaw Grip

Two types of grips are available for jigsaws. The most common grip is a top handle that curves over the motor. Some models feature a barrel grip where you grasp the motor's outside. Personal preference will determine the type of grip that you choose. However, some experts feel that top-handle configurations offer a better hold and more control.

Cutting Speed

If you need to cut a variety of materials, a jigsaw that has variable speeds is essential. Wood, for example, requires a faster cutting speed while metal needs a slower speed. Speed is measured by strokes per minutes (SPM), with a higher number of SPM causing a faster oscillation in the blade. The SPM setting on most jigsaws is not specified, but instead, the jigsaw offers a range of speeds, labeled as low, medium and high.

Jigsaw Cutting Capacities

Jigsaws can be used to cut sheets, rails, and boards. In our research we found jigsaws which claimed to be able to cut softwood upto five inches thick.

This is certainly possible. However, if you are cutting large amounts of material that thick, another saw type would be better suited to the task.

The lower end of the jigsaw is not supported. The blade will tend to move left or right as you cut through the material. The effect of a short or medium blade on accuracy is negligible with a good jigsaw.

As blade length increases, however, the effect of veering is magnified. If you examine the material from a cross-section you will see that your cut is not vertical. Slowing down can help counteract the effect, but it's not always effective. It will also test your patience.

A jigsaw should be able to cut softwood and particle board up to a maximum depth of three or four inches. This is more than sufficient for flooring, siding, wall panels and kitchen worktops. Beveled cuts will reduce the cutting depth.

You can also tackle framing wood with a high-quality jigsaw. Circular saws are more efficient if you do a lot 2x4 work.

Jigsaws are also capable of cutting steel and aluminum. In these cases, their capacities will be significantly lower than for wood. The manufacturers give their own estimates, but the average is around 1/4 inch for steel and 3/4 inch for aluminum.

The Sole Plate

Pressed steel is used to make the sole plates for jigsaws. The plates are lightweight and durable. They are fragile and can be damaged easily if they fall. They can be hard to straighten when damaged.

Cast aluminum soleplates are heavier and more expensive, but they keep their shape and don't rust. Dropped, they tend to dent instead of twist. Minor scratches can be filed or sanded out. Cast aluminum sole plates wear faster than steel and replacements can be expensive if the damage is severe.

Some premium models have a steel insert on the aluminum base in areas that are subject to heavy wear. This is a great solution, but it's not.

You can set the cutting angle at the attachment point between the sole plate and main frame. The Allen key or spanner that is normally located on the saw is used to lock and unlock it.

The maximum angle is typically 45 degrees. Better jigsaws feature detents, which are easy-to-locate stops at common angles. These detents make it easier to set up your saw.


Jigsaws usually come with two types of grips: a barrel grip and a D-handle. These grips help guide the tool while it is cutting material. The barrel grip is distinguished by its handle, which is located close to the material being cut and the thumb switch. The D-handle takes the form of its name and allows the user to wrap their hands around the tool. While easy to grip, a D-handle can reduce your leverage, resulting in inaccurate cuts.

Blade Style

The majority of jigsaws accept either T-shank or U-shank. The most popular blade is the T-shank because it's easy-locking technology, which works with all jigsaws. U-shanks blades can be identified by the "U" shape on the blade's top. These blades are not as popular as others because they require an installation tool.

Power Source

Jigsaws come in corded or cordless versions, just like most power tools. A corded jigsaw is a great option if you want a powerful tool to use every day for woodworking. If you need a portable jigsaw to work on small projects, then a battery powered jigsaw is a good choice.


There are so many factors to consider when choosing the Best jigsaw puzzle brands, but before you start looking at the Best jigsaw puzzle brands or Bosch, Makita, Dewalt, Rotorazer saw, think about what you need and want. Then use our lists to help narrow down your choices.


1. Can A Jigsaw Cut Through Metal?

Yes. Use a metal-cutting blade if you plan to use your jigsaw to cut metal. When cutting dense metal, the speed should be reduced to avoid overheating.

2. Can A Jigsaw Cut A 2×4?

Jigsaws are capable of cutting through 2x4s, but their thin and fragile blades will produce an uneven line when trying to cut the large lumber. Circular saws are the most effective tool for cutting 2x4s accurately.

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