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  • Rugged design with “hard hat” rotary protection provides superior drop and outdoor weather protection (IP66)
  • Increases productivity with faster setups, fewer mechanical parts, and automatic self-leveling
  • Ideal for all general concrete and construction site preparation applications
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY — Comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Users can control the setup of the laser from across the room with their smart phone and the free Bosch Leveling Remote App. Easily turn the leveling laser and receiver mode on and off, select the laser planes, adjust line visibility and provide battery and level alerts right from the touch of your phone.
  • ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE — Both a leveling and an alignment laser in one, projecting three (3) 360-degree axis planes that self levels and intersects one another at a precise 90 degree point. The laser facilitates a one-person job setup with connected capability and dual-power technology with long working range. Comes with a built-in Smart Pendulum System where it self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition up to ±4°, and a manual mode with locking mechanism allows one to lock lines for us at any angle.
  • GREEN LASER [200 to 330 FT] — Bright green beams up to 4X brighter than standard red beams. This 3-plane level tool has an accurate range of ±3/32” at 30ft – providing high visibility in a working range up to 200ft diameter in standard setting, or at an extended range of up to 330ft diameter when used with the compatible LR8 laser receiver (sold separately).
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE – Built in VisiMax technology monitors power consumption to maximize line visibility and effectively extend battery life.
  • SELF LEVELING – Integrated magnetic mount rotates 360° for easy, full coverage of the room anywhere. Smart pendulum automatically self-levels up to 4°, indicates out-of-level condition by blinking the lights to ensure you always have the utmost accurate leveling measurement.
  • GREEN-BEAM, 125 FT – 4x brighter than red laser for optimal visibility in indoor and partially outdoor jobsites. Offers ±1/8 In. accuracy at 30 Ft. for up/down plumb, align and level applications (the bottom point’s accuracy is ±1/4 In. at 30 Ft.)
  • Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery compartment
  • Integrated magnetic 360-Degree mounting bracket with 1/4-Inch and 5/8-Inch tripod mounting threads
  • Magnetic bracket facilitates attachment to ferromagnetic objects such as steel studs, doors, beams or electrical panels
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Before purchasing the Best laser level australia, learn everything you can about it.

When choosing the Best laser level australia check out its reviews online first. If they're good, then go ahead and purchase them. If not, don't waste your time or money.

To determine whether a product is of high or low quality, check online review sites or ask people who've already purchased similar products for their opinions.

A third option for finding out whether someone else has had a lousy experi­ence with a particular company is to look at online forums or review websites where customers post their experiences with companies So let's consider these general rules:


These tools can be differentiated by the plane in which they emit laser light. Most models are only able to generate light in one plane. Some models can generate light on both the horizontal and vertical planes simultaneously. Some models designed for DIYers can even create a 360-degree beam that is perfect for creating a drop-ceiling.

Line Lasers

Line lasers are a popular choice for both professionals and non-professionals. This model projects an absolutely straight line on a wall or the floor of a room. This model is helpful for remodeling or construction projects where workers are trying to hang kitchen cabinets or create a tiled floor with perfectly straight grout.

The price is reasonable and the tool is easy to use. The rotary laser level is rarely needed by DIYers to create a grade outside, but a line laser can be used in an indoor room.

The laser line can be mounted on a wall to project laser light in a sideways direction. The line can be projected forward to create a virtual 360-degree effect. Some lasers can simultaneously create a horizontal line and a vertical line.


Laser levels are very useful because they let the user work virtually hands-free. Once they are set up, the laser level can be used as a reference point for the rest of the project.

For this function, the best laser levels have different mountings and features. Some models are less expensive and may simply use small pins to support the drywall. Some models come with mounts or tripods that can be attached to metal studs, drop ceiling tracks or even drop ceiling tracks. Consider the intended use of a laser level and any mounting accessories that may be required to ensure compatibility.

Automatic Leveling

You need to make sure that the mechanism is perfectly level before you can hang the level from the ceiling or on the wall. The line will be inaccurate if the device that makes the laser line is even just a fraction of an inch off.

Some laser levels are equipped with a self leveling mechanism. The mechanism is controlled by a pendulum that ensures the level of the laser before it generates a line. The bubble level can be used to check the accuracy of the mechanism.


A laser line without accuracy is useless. Most manufacturers include an accuracy measurement in their specifications. The manufacturer will usually provide an accuracy measurement for a 20 or 30 foot line.

A level of high quality is accurate within 1/8 inch or less at 30 feet. A difference of less than 1/8 inch in a 30 foot span is not noticeable to the eye. This is more accurate than a DIYer can achieve by manually sliding a bubble-level along the wall.

Laser Color

These tools can produce either a green or red laser light.

Red: Because red lasers are weaker than green lasers they can only work within a certain distance. Red lasers can be used in rooms of any size, but they have a longer range. Because red lasers require less battery power, they are popular for levels designed for beginners. The price of red laser levels is lower than that of green laser models.
Green: Because green lasers are more visible in the sunlight, they are preferred by construction companies for their high-end models. The lasers are more powerful, allowing them to reach a greater distance. The green laser levels are also more expensive and carry a higher risk of damaging someone's eye if there is an accident.

Spot Lasers

The laser spot projects a circular light upwards, downwards, or outwards in multiple directions. This type of laser is often used by contractors to ensure that the joists in a room are plumb before installing drywall or building a wall frame.

The spot laser is also used by plumbers when they are laying pipes. Some manufacturers refer to these levels as pipe lasers for this very reason.

Some line lasers can also produce spots. Manufacturers may sell these lasers as combination levels.


With the best laser levels available, leveling is as simple as pushing a button. Self-leveling models use magnets and a laser mounted on a pendulum to ensure stability. The pendulum will take over once the device is placed on a flat surface. It is easy to set up, especially if you have a reference point that you can register against.

Some laser levels that have a self leveling feature will also lock the pendulum when they are not in use. It can help reduce the chance of having a laser level miscalibrated while in transit.


When you have many choices, it's hard to choose the best one. Hopefully, we've given you some ideas for choosing high-quality products.

Keep in ­­­­­­­memory that these tips apply to every transaction or decision when buying Best laser level australia, so do your research before taking action! If you found this guide useful, please share it with others who may be interested.


1. How Do I Know If The Laser Level Is Out Of Calibration?

Quelques models high-end calibrate themselves. For the majority of models users must manually check the calibration. Use a bubble level for a quick test. Follow the instructions included with your laser level if the line appears to be out of alignment. It is wise to check the laser level calibration before starting each project.

2. How Accurate Are Laser Levels Versus A Manual Bubble Level?

Laser levels are at least as accurate as bubble levels, which is appreciated by people who use them. They also generate more accuracy because they can work at a greater distance.

3. What Are Laser Levels Good For?

A laser level is useful for ensuring accurate measurements when measuring or doing construction in large spaces. Laser levels are ideal for aligning cabinets, plumbing, installing windows and doors, and leveling floors.

4. Are Laser Levels Safe To Use Around People?

With enough exposure, all lasers can cause damage to the eyes. The majority of laser levels are low-powered, making them relatively safe. The retina could be damaged if the laser was pointed directly at the eye for several minutes. To ensure maximum safety, look for eyewear that is compatible with lasers.

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