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  • HEAVY DUTY WORKBENCH TOP: Provides a large space to handle your toughest projects; solid 1 3/4" maple hardwood workbench top is 30 in. x 72 in. sanded satin smooth with a lacquer finish
  • MADE IN THE USA: All Borroughs products are made with the highest quality materials and 100 percent forged, manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE: Built for the toughest environment with heavy duty work surfaces, high strength adjustable legs and the ability to withstand a 750 lb evenly distributed weight capacity
  • VERSATILITY: This adjustable workbench is versatile enough for residential or commercial needs, including general manufacturing, automotive service areas, home garages, craft rooms, basements and more
  • HEAVY DUTY WORKBENCH TOP: Provides a large space to handle your toughest projects; solid hardwood workbench top is 30 in. x 72 in. sanded satin smooth with a lacquer finish
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT WORKBENCH: High strength 16-gauge steel legs are adjustable, allowing you to set the work surface at a comfortable height based on your project needs
  • 【EASY ASSEMBLY】Coming with instruction and screws, you will install the work station easily. PAY ATTENTION : Leave all of the screws loose until they are all installed, then tighten them at last.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT WORKBENCH】The workbench is designed to set height from 31.8" to 40.6", no additional tools needed for adjustment. 3 positions allow sitting or standing based on different demands, free up your body.
  • 【ETL CERTIFICATION POWER OUTLETS】Equipped with power outlets, it is extremely convenient to use various of electric tools and lamps. Totally 4 AC Outlets, 2 USB Ports and 1 Switch on the power strip which is ETL certified for safety and durability.
  • Versatile Work Surface - This workbench is perfect for any woodworking project or DIY task. It can be used as a work table, garage table, or jewelry bench, and is perfect for outdoor or indoor use
  • Sturdy and Durable Workbench - Crafted with high-quality acacia wood, this 48-inch wooden workbench is built to last. It can support up to 330 lbs and is perfect for any garage or workshop
  • Professional-Quality Design - Designed with professional woodworkers in mind, this woodworking bench has everything you need to take your projects to the next level. Its sturdy construction and ample workspace make it the perfect addition to any workshop or garage
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Storage Options

Workbenches can be as simple as tables with sturdy legs and a solid top. If you want more storage in your garage, or even a workshop, then a workbench with built-in storage is incredibly useful. These tables often have a shelf along the bottom legs. This is an ideal place to store heavy items or power tools. Some tables have drawers that are usually located directly below the tabletop. These drawers tend to be shallow but are great for storing small hand tools.


Material used in the construction of a workbench has a major impact on its performance.

Plastic is lightweight and affordable, which makes it perfect for transportability. Most models have a coating that makes them scratch- and stain-resistant. Plastic is not as durable as wood or steel, so it is better to use this workbench for lighter-duty jobs. Some are smaller than the typical metal or wood workbench.

Wood: Workbenches made of wood can be either fragile or extremely durable. Higher-end models have a thick and durable work surface, which can withstand heavy loads and impact. These workbenches should be used for medium- to heavyweight tasks.

Metal: Metal workbenches are just as fragile as their wooden counterparts. A, portable metal model can be very dangerous. If you buy a steel workbench, it may cost more but will last many years and withstand extreme conditions.

Weight Limit

There are a lot of workbenches on sale online that conceal their weight limit. This is often quite low. Each product in this list must have a minimum weight of 500 pounds. I've included workbenches that have professional weight limits if you plan to tackle larger projects that require large beams and other heavy materials.

Types Of Workbenches

You probably have a mental image in mind when you hear "workbench". There are many different types of workbench. To find the right one for you, it's important to be aware of all your options.

The wall-mounted workbench will be ideal for those who don't have a lot of floor space. Some can be folded down when they are not in use. This workbench has limited functionality, and it won't hold heavy machinery or materials.

Portable workbenches are perfect for those who need to move the workspace. Most are light and easily foldable for transportation. Workbenches with wheels can be moved around the room or workspace at the convenience of the user.

Table: A workbench, for many, is a table permanently installed in a basement, garage or shed. The workbench is usually made with a large, flat, durable surface that can support a lot of weight. This type of workbench offers the most flexible workspace.

Storage: You'll want to choose a model with cabinets, drawers and/or shelves if you also need storage space. It may not be as flexible as a workbench table, but you can store your tools conveniently.


Workbenches tend to be heavy and strong, and designed to stay in one place within a workshop or garage. The casters on some workbenches allow you to move the table around within the space. However, they are not designed to be moved a long distance. Due to the strain on the casters, workbenches with wheels have a lower weight capacity than those that are stationary.


Your workbench is the core of your workshop and it must be sturdy. Your workbench is the least important of all your tools. No matter what material is used, each selection in this list exceeds durability standards for DIY heavy-duty projects. Workbenches must not only be strong enough to hold the weight of your DIY project but also maintain their shape when under pressure. Your project's final shape will be distorted if your work surface is uneven and warped.


The ideal size for your workbench will depend on how much space you have available. It's not worth buying a 6-foot bench if your floor space is only five feet. Before making a decision, you should measure the space where the workbench will be placed. Don't forget to measure the depth as well as the length.

Design Simplicity

When it comes to workbenches I appreciate cool gadgets and power tools, but simple is best. Your workbench will likely be the most used tool in your toolbox, whether you are a woodworker or artist, or if you do DIY home improvements. Your workbench should be reliable and sturdy, with a minimum of gadgets. You will have to spend a lot of money on a high-quality, high-tech workbench if you choose to go this route. Our list includes products that maximize utility and minimize complexity.


Feet: A level workbench is essential. You may need to choose a workbench with leveling feet if you have a non-level floor, such as a sloped garage floor.

Pegboard: Some workbenches come with a pegboard, which can be used for hanging the tools that you use frequently. Look for a bench with a pegboard if this is something you'd like.

Light: If you are doing certain kinds of work, it is important to have a light source nearby. Some workbenches come with a shelf that has a light built in.

Other: Some workbenches have convenient features such as a built in organizer, power strip or vice. Consider a workbench with extras if you want more than just a space to work on and a place to store your tools.


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1. How Thick Should My Workbench Top Be?

Durability is more important than thickness. A top with a thickness of 3 inches that is easily dented, cracked, or splintered will not be as durable as one that measures 1.5 inches.

2. How Tall Should My Workbench Be?

The height of a workbench is determined by the individual, and depends on what type of work will be performed. A good range is between 33 and 36 inch. A slightly lower bench can help you gain leverage if you use hand tools a lot. You must be cautious, however, as a bench too low can force you to lean backwards while you work, causing unnecessary strain on your lower spine. It is best to choose a workbench that can be adjusted. A difference of even an inch can be significant.

3. How Wide Should My Workbench Be?

It depends on your needs and the space you have. 24 inches might be enough for some people. If you plan to work with large pieces of material, then a larger workbench may be necessary.

4. What’s The Purpose Of An Overhang On A Workbench?

You can increase the versatility of your workbench by adding an overhang. The overhang can be used to clamp workpieces to the table for glueing, drilling or sanding.

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Stephen Budiansky By, Stephen Budiansky